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Vital Watch™ - Medical Power Alert

New Visions presents Vital Watch™

Vital Watch™ is a notification to Emergency Services when a home with medical needs loses power.

For the millions of Americans who depend on home medical equipment for life support, a power outage goes way beyond inconvenience. In the case where a home requires electrical power for medical purposes, a power outage can be a potentially dangerous or even deadly situation.

If your home is on the Vital Watch list, New Visions will notify the appropriate authorities immediately when power has been lost. This will give emergency services the information they need to respond saving valuable time.

We are offering this service free of charge to our customers. We have created a new infrastructure…an intelligent network. We can communicate with every device connected on our network. In the event of a power outage, our network is still up and operating. For our customers that are utilizing our telephone service, our service still operates during a power outage.

Please contact New Visions to see if this service is available in your service area.

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