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BlinkInternet. And just like that, you’re connected.

With the fastest residential Internet speeds commercially available in the United States, we’ll elevate your online experience like you never thought possible. Our meshed broadband network uses the very latest two-way technologies to deliver always-on service at blazing speeds of 25 Mbps to 110 Mbps. (That’s up to 25 times faster than other so- called “high-speed” networks, and up to 100 times faster than dial- up!) With continuous advancement in website content, online gaming and other data makes high-speed an absolute must – and BlinkInternet is built to handle it:

• Download music, movies, photos and more
• View streaming videos
• Upload multi-media content in a flash
• Send large email attachments – including PowerPoint
  presentations – without worry
• Interact with friends and colleagues via social networking sites
• Play online games with no disruptive “lag time”
• Work from home with highest efficiency
• Conduct research or access online college coursework instantly
• Consistently fast, day and night

Whatever you do on the Internet, you’ll do it faster with BlinkInternet. Best of all, you’ll get this high-speed convenience at a remarkably low price, with no installation or equipment charges. Ask about bundling with other Blink services to save even more


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